Guided biologist trail in the Faia Brava Reserve

  • Trail Length: 2.2 Kms
  • Duration: 2h
  • Level: Easy
  • Meeting Point : near the Church of Vale de Afonsinho
  • Start time: to be defined with the Guide

trail 2

The Biologist trail invites the visitor to discover Faia Brava Reserve one of the wildest places in Portugal. Originally, this trail was used by shepherds who brought their herds to these steep valleys, but it was abandoned for several decades. More recently, Portuguese biologists and nature lovers have crossed this trail for birdwatching. The biologist trail passes through land that was purchased by ATNatureza in 2012, as part of the strategy of expanding Faia Brava private protected area. Opening this trail means giving the opportunity to the public to get to know this area of the reserve and it is also a tribute to the biologists that have worked to create and maintain this protected area. Part of the value of the safari reverts to nature conservation actions in the Reserve.

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Brooms , lavender , scattered or small woodland patches of holm oaks mixed with turpentine tree, common hawthorn and Montpellier maple. It is also possible to observe olive yards surrounded by traditional stone walls.

Along the trail it is possible to observe large soaring birds like the griffon vulture, the Egyptian vulture and the golden eagle. It is also a good place to see and hear the songs of smaller birds like the blue rock thrush, the crag martin and several species of warblers and buntings.

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Minhoteira Viewpoint
This is one of the most impressive view points of this region over the Côa , where the river runs between rocky cliffs.

coa valley 2


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