ATN Nature's Spaces for Nature (EPNs) are excellent natural stages for a wide range of activities. Our main EPN (Space for Nature) is the Faia Brava Reserve - the first and only Private Protected Area in Portugal -, known for the rich landscapes of rocky cliffs over the Côa River, the unique flora of which stand out olive grove, holm oak forests, rosemary fields among others and, by the fauna, in which, in semi-wild state, the herds of garranos horses and maronesas cows can be observed.

Through the Faia Brava Reserve, we have developed the most diverse activities as trails, picnics, bird watching sessions, events, among many others.

Our main offer is the Faia Brava Reserve, mainly along the recent Biologists' Trail, which can be adapted to all the public.

In addition to these, you can still promote your own activity with your family, school group, research, etc.


Hiking Biologists' Trail (Faia Brava Reserve)
Duration: 2h30
Difficulty: Easy / Average
Course: 3km
Price: € 20 / person
(children 0-6 years: € 0, 7-12 years: € 10)

Depending on the object of study, you can propose a visit with your class in the Reserva do Faia Brava.

Contact us to arrange it!


New entrance Quinta de Sol

Construction of wall at entrance of Quinta de Sol, in the old way, without cement. At Quinta de Sol roam 6 Sorraia horses. 

    Sorraia horse

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