Olive Spread

Manually produced and from the olives of the region, the olive spread is always a good appetizer.

PVP: €3.5


Grab Nature anywhere, with the magnets and pins of 10 species resident in the Faia Brava Reserve.

PVP.: €2/unit.

"Faia Brava" Hat

Protect yourself from the sun, while 'protecting' the Faia Brava Reserve!

PVP.: €5

Coffee Mug

Ideal for colder days, the "Faia Brava Reserve" mug represents one of the main ecosystems of the Reserve. “Travel" through nature with the comfort of a hot drink!

PVP.: €8

"Faia Brava" T-shirt

"Wear the Sweater" and take the Faia Brava Reserve everywhere.

PVP.: €12

Cork Notebook and 2019 Diary

National and hand-made, cork notebooks and diaries, have printed representation of the main species of the Faia Brava Reserve. An excellent and practical gift that will stand out anywhere.

PVP.: €15(Notebook)/€20(diary)

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