Balck Fig and Blackberry Jams

With 65% fruit, these traditional jams are made from wild blackberries from the vicinity and black figs locally produced.

PVP.: €3.5

Organic Olive Oil "Faia Brava"

In bottles of 0.25L and 0.5L, the “FAIA BRAVA” extra virgin olive oil, of organic production is obtained only by mechanical processes. First cold pressure.

When you buy a bottle of "FAIA BRAVA" Olive Oil, you are contributing with € 2.5 to the Property Acquisition Fund (FAP).

PVP.: €7(0.5L)/€4(0.25L)

Biological Honey "Faia Brava"

Floral honey of French lavender (60%) and chestnut tree flower (5%), produced regionally and according to methods that respect nature, the Faia Brava organic Honey impresses with an authentic flavor of the region.

PVP.: €7 (500g)

Poster "Habitats da Reserva"

Have in your house all the habitats present at the Faia Brava Reserve.

Size approx .: 70cm x 100cm

PVP: €5

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