Your contribution is fundamental for ATNatureza to continue its conservation work.

Next to our projects,daily maintenance of the Faia Brava Reserve should be carried out. Most funding agencies only finance projects, while maintenance is in fact the core of our nature work. We do our ultimate best to generate money our selves, to become more sustainable but you may understand that our income does not cover all the maintenance costs. 

You can support our association and thus support a nature protection citizenship project through:

  • Direct donation;
  • Acquisition of “Faia Brava” Products;
  • Donation to the Property Acquisition Fund (FAP)
  • Investments

Property Acquisition is a key factor in ATNatureza's conservation strategy; The bigger the park, the more animals will find a home in our park, the more silent spots will attract certain species and it will give our wild horses and cows more space to find food. Since 2000, with the support of numerous national and international donors, we have already acquired more than 1000ha of land.

The Property Acquisition Fund - FAP - is an autonomous fund, managed by ATNatureza and whose purpose is the purchase of properties. The FAP receives contributions:

  1. Between 10% and 30% of all activities and products sold by ATNature;
  2. A percentage of ATNatureza's annual results;
  3. Specific activities for the fund;
  4. Donations

 If you would like to invest in nature and buy land for rewilding, please contact us. We support people in the acquisition process. Activities are, among others:

  • Assess landowners willing to sell their land
  • Prepare conversations with the landowner
  • Explore the land and assess the borders
  • Support the negotiation about the price
  • make a maintenance contract with the new landowner.



Other Contributions
Bank: Novo Banco

IBAN: PT50 0007 0000 0016 5433 1132 3

Property Acquisition Fund – FAP
(any donation made to this fund is exclusively to properties acquisition)
Bank: Novo Banco

IBAN: PT50 0007 0000 0038 1972 0332 3



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