ATNatureza is a non-profit, non-governmental environmental organizationwhose vision is to Create Spaces for Nature (EPNs) and its mission is to preserve the natural heritage of the Côa, Águeda and Douro valleys and protect threatened species in the region.

Their contribution is essential for ATNatureza to continue its conservation work.

It can support our association and thus support a nature protection citizenship project through:

  • Direct donation;
  • Acquisition of "Faia Brava" Products;
  • Donation to the Property Acquisition Fund (FAP):


The Property Acquisition Fund (FAP) is an autonomous fund, managed by ATNatureza and has a sole purpose the purchase of properties.

Acquisition of Properties is a key factor in ATNatureza's conservation strategy. Since 2000, with the support of numerous national and international donors, we have been able to acquire more than 800 hectares of territory.

The FAP also receives contributions:

  1. Between 10% and 30% of all activities and products sold by ATNatureza;
  2. A percentage of the annual results of ATNatureza;
  3. Specific activities for the fund;
  4. Donations.



Other Contributions
Bank: Novo Banco
IBAN: PT50 0007 0000 0016 5433 1132 3

Property Acquisition Fund – FAP
(any donation made to this fund is exclusively to properties acquisition)
Bank: Novo Banco
IBAN: PT50 0007 0038 1972 0332 3

Bank's Contact and Address
Rua Dr. José Augusto Limão Andrade 11,
6355-271 Vilar Formoso
Telefone: 271 513 595


New entrance Quinta de Sol

Construction of wall at entrance of Quinta de Sol, in the old way, without cement. At Quinta de Sol roam 6 Sorraia horses. 

    Sorraia horse

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