Access rules

Registration of events and activities

We protect nature, but the sites we manage are also there to allow as many people as possible to experience nature. It is therefore possible to organize an event or activity on our sites, but this is not possible everywhere. We always pay attention to its impact on the area and that is why you must ask for permission before organizing anything.

You need a written permission from the director of ATNatureza for the following activities in the Faia Brava Reserve:

 It Is an activity that participants pay for

 It takes place with a group larger than 20 people

 photo or film recording if it is for public and commercial use. For private use a permission is of course not necessary. 

 Conduct of research

 horse and carriage ride




Innovative new “Impulse for Reforestation in Reserva Fa…

In November we planted trees in 4 small plots (0,25ha) with state-of-the-art materials and techniques. We hope to establish biodiverse groves of trees that rapidly become living seed banks, also aimin...

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The importance of Micro-mammels in the Rewilding proces…

A team from the University of Aveiro was recently at Faia Brava doing fieldwork related with the project rWILD-COA "Ecological challenges and opportunities in the process of rewilding the Côa Valley...

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Visit Paolo Azevedo, chairman of Sonae

Last week we were delighted and grateful to receive Mr. Paulo Azevedo Chairman of SONAE and Dr. Nuno Ferrand Almeida of CIBIO, at our Faia Brava Reserve. Paolo Azevedo is the chairman of Sonae, a mult...

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