On the 20th anniversary of ATN, we celebrate life and nature. At this time, we also want to recognize the determination that has helped us reach this far with our mission despite difficulties and challenges. 

The dream of creating and preserving natural areas has now lasted for 20 years. We know that we still have a long way to go before all of the world's ecosystems are restored, resilient and adequately protected. 

Today more than ever, the conservation and restoration of natural areas requires work and asset management, not just regulation. It requires action by citizens, companies, social partners and research teams, with strong partnerships at local, regional, national and European level.

We need to work together! 

Our team does this every day, and for this I express my thanks to: Sílvia Lorga, Ana Nunes, Carlos Pacheco, João Neves, Marco Ferraz, Abel Coito, José Dinis and Joaquim Amador. All of them in their own way contribute something very important to ATN.

We also want to say a sincere thank you to our partners and friends. >

It has been a pleasure to share our 20 years with you.

We hope to be able to have a celebration in person with you very soon.

Vanda Bras 
Interim director

 Video Faia Brava e vale do Coa

This spring many Foals and Calves were born, they play and run strong and healthy in freedom in the Faia Brava Reserve. The late spring rains and the abundance of pasture contributed to making the birth rate of our herds in 2020 a success! Faia Brava's families of garranos and maronesa's are growing in number. .

Next month the dry summertime starts and the animals will try to break out more often from the reserve and ATN should provide water regularly. In other words the maintenance costs increase. .  

Please help us and make a donation to contribute to the maintenance of the herds in the Faia Brava reserve. Come and visit us !!!! We call upon the partners and friends of ATNatureza to pay their dues or make a contribution of 20 € (Reference: Maintenance  herds) to the account with bank details: IBAN: PT50 0007 0000 0016 5433 1132 3

Thank you for your contribution. 

young calve            herd of horses

The official reopening of the Faia Brava Reserve will take place shortly. So if you are thinking about going on holiday in Portugal, book your visit now by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Portugal invites tourists to come! 

To accomplish our mission! 20 Years Creating Spaces for Nature

ATNatureza once again invites volunteers for the 2020 Faia Brava Fire Surveillance Campaign, from June 1st to September 15th.

 ATNatureza appeals to the solidarity conservationist spirit of everyone to help in the prevention of fires in the Faia Brava Reserve, an area that, since 2005, has not burned thanks to the efforts of many.

The Faia Brava Reserve and surrounding area represent the most important forest of Cork and Stone oak in the Guarda district and the reserve is a phenomenal biodiversity hot-spot in the Côa Valley. It´s protection is a priority and a great cause to embrace to make a difference, learn and have fun.

The Program  is limited to the detection and communication of occurrences of fire points in the Reserve of Faia Brava and surrounding areas. It allows you to enjoy the area and explore the Faia Brava Reserve!

REGISTER NOW! Help us to Prevent!

ATNatureza provides:

  • Accommodation;
  • Basic Food Kit (non-perishable goods);
  • Surveillance Kit

Take with you: 

  • Capacity to resist to high temperature
  • Hat and Suncream
  • Bathing Suits
  • Open mind;
  • Sleeping bag and towels;

Surveillance Shifts (each volunteer is assigned 1 daily shift according to the needs asessed by the coordination team):


  • 9h-13h
  • 13h-17h
  • 17h – 21h
  • 21h- 23h ( in critical period)

260487 P4K114 54


 Bringing nature back into our lives!!

This is the new EU Biodiversity Strategy as launched on the 20th of May 2020. ATNatureza, working on biodiversity restoration since 2000, feels strongly supported, encouraged and challenged by this new strategy.

The EU shows her ambition to reverse biodiversity loss and lead the world by example and by action, and help agree and adopt a transformative post-2020 global framework. Her ambition is to ensure that by 2050 all of the world’s ecosystems are restored, resilient, and adequately protected.

This strategy is enterprising and incentivising in spirit and action. It reflects the fact that protecting and restoring nature will need active measures and management, rather than regulation alone. It requires action by citizens, businesses, social partners and the research and knowledge community, as well as strong partnerships between local, regional, national and European level.

To put biodiversity on the path to recovery by 2030, we Europeans need to step up the protection and restoration of nature. This should be done by improving and widening our network of protected areas and by developing an ambitious EU Nature Restoration Plan. Member States will need to translate the 10% EU target to a lower geographical scale to ensure connectivity among habitats.

To provide more space for wild animals, plants, pollinators and natural pest regulators, there is an urgent need to bring back at least 10% of agricultural area under high-diversity landscape features.

Some years ago, ATNatureza and Rewilding Portugal already formulated their strategy to create a network of spaces for nature in the Côa Valley. In the 1000 ha Faia Brava reserve, society can already experience how this works. The EU commission supports our strategy and we hope that the EU and Portuguese legal framework will support our daily work to convert this strategy into results in the field.

ATNatureza has developed a framework for nature conservation and rewilding, that incorporates the EU headlines of her biodiversity strategy:

ATN framework

We are working on creating a positive cycle: investing in good land management and reforestation, and working with large herbivores, allowing a resilient and living ecosystem to develop. As soon as trees grow higher, the soil recovers and retains more water, better conditions for forest development and ecosystem services such as CO2 sequestration are created. Risks of fires are reduced by management, vigilance and large herbivores. At the same time the landscape becomes more interesting for visitors, who can enjoy grazing wild herds, singing birds in trees, buzzing insects in the meadows and flowing streams.

We work on expanding our reserves and create a resilient ecosystem over the whole Coa Valley reaching a scale where ecosystems are resilient and can support human use; with restored soil life, optimal use of water from rainfall, many indigenous trees and meadows full of flowers and insects. We call it a mosaic landscape. In this way we create optimal conditions for the return of the black vulture, a healthy deer and rabbit population, creating an attractive perspective for the Iberian wolf and Lynx. Step by step the biodiversity will increase.

Please, feel invited to support our dream and contact us for more information.

Do you remember the ATNatureza forest nursery that was destroyed as a result of the heavy storm, called Elsa that hit the Region on December 18th 2019?

Our team, with the help of a welding technician, was able to rebuild the forest nursery and put this structure back on its feet, so we are able to face the hot and dry weather season. The forest nursery is important to have young Oaks, Ash, Junipers and other native species, which will be planted in the Faia Brava Reserve next autumn. With reforestry we will increase the soil quality, promote biodiversity and contribute to the carbon fixation. 

It turns out that this additional expense costed € 500,- for the material and the hours of work involved. We would like to ask you as friend of ATNutereza  to help us with a donation of  € 20,-.

Bank account  IBAN: PT50 0007 0000 0016 5433 1132 3 (Reference: Nursery Support) 

Thank you for your contribution!

Foto do Viveiro Florestal    rebuild nursery

To accomplish our mission!

20 Years Creating Spaces for Nature



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