Do you remember the ATNatureza forest nursery that was destroyed as a result of the heavy storm, called Elsa that hit the Region on December 18th 2019?

Our team, with the help of a welding technician, was able to rebuild the forest nursery and put this structure back on its feet, so we are able to face the hot and dry weather season. The forest nursery is important to have young Oaks, Ash, Junipers and other native species, which will be planted in the Faia Brava Reserve next autumn. With reforestry we will increase the soil quality, promote biodiversity and contribute to the carbon fixation. 

It turns out that this additional expense costed € 500,- for the material and the hours of work involved. We would like to ask you as friend of ATNutereza  to help us with a donation of  € 20,-.

Bank account  IBAN: PT50 0007 0000 0016 5433 1132 3 (Reference: Nursery Support) 

Thank you for your contribution!

Foto do Viveiro Florestal    rebuild nursery

To accomplish our mission!

20 Years Creating Spaces for Nature



Below you see the results (right picture) of a field sown with vetch, rye and lupine.  A year ago this field with a granite, depleted acidic soil (ph = 4), it looked like you see in the left picture. The ATN personnel was surprised to see the production with all these flowers.OK, we disseminated some chalk to increase a bit the PH or acidity. But normally the impact of chalk you see a bit later. 

Now it is time for horses (garranos), was said.

We hope that the organic matter % will increase substantially and the water harvested in the soil will also increase. The coming years we do nothing and we just monitor, monitor and monitor. We are curious if more indigenous plants with flowers and insects will appear. We hope this will push biodiversity. 

top plot in 2019

     top plot mei 2020

Due to the situation of uncertainty  we all experience, we are unfortunately forced to postpone the celebration of ATNatureza's 20 years "Create Spaces for Nature".

The time for the celebration will come, and Nature spaces such as the Faia Brava Reserve will certainly be privileged places to celebrate Individual and Planetary Life and Health.

We will welcome you and make your visit a unique and special celebration!

annularung 20 jaar viering UK

In the month of march 2020 ATN has started an experiment with 10 waterboxes, planting young trees of two years old. The waterbox is a dutch innovation from Groasis for planting trees in arid areas. Using the waterboxes, we hope that it won’t be necessary anymore to supply extra water for the young trees in the hot and dry summer. For ATN the manhour and car costs to bring water to the young trees is quite a burden. In the summer we will check once a week if there is still water in the small watercontainers inside the waterbox.

On the Groasis website you find much more information about the Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology, they claim, you get a +90% survival rate without using irrigation and it is also much cheaper than drip irrigation…..  

We also planted 10 young trees, and protected the soil with mulch. In the summer we will check each week if the soil is still a bit moisty.

In this way we can make a feasibility analysis of both reforestry methods and we can calculate which method is most attractive for Faia Brava.

waterbox3 2     mulch2


The granite soil in our nature reserve Faia Brava is very poor with almost no organic matter. This causes that water from rain is almost not captured in the soil, with the consequence that in the dry hot summer only some plants may survive. This causes that our herbivores, the wild horses (garranos) and bovines (maronesas) do not have enough food.

When we would be able to enrich the soil and, in this way, improve the water harvesting capabilities of the soil; more plants, grasses will have a chance to grow, attracting more insects and this will attract more birds, etc. In this way we test if we might be able to give a push to biodiversity on a small scale.

In November 2019 we sowed a mix of vetch, rye and lupine at some plots. Vetch and Lupine are Leguminosae and these plants fix nitrogen in the soil, which can used by other plant varieties. Below you see the yellow flowers of Lupine. Now it is time to observe; would we see already a difference in the month of August?


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