International day of the vulture

This weekend we celebrate the International Day of the Vultures which emerged as part of the “Vulture Awareness Days” initiative. The aim of this day is to raise awareness among the international community about the conservation of vultures and their ecological importance. As these necrophagous birds, the Vultures contribute to the balance of the various ecosystems consuming dead animals, they quickly and effectively eliminate the carcasses of these animals in the field, thus preventing the spread of contagious diseases and ensuring the proper functioning of the trophic network in Nature.

In our Faia Brava Reserve there are 3 species of vultures: the griffin (Gyps fulvus), the black vulture (Aegypius monachus) and the britango (Neophron percnopterus). If you want to know more about the work done by us at Reserva da Faia Brava, you can request information or schedule a visit through the email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

day of the vulture


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Visit Paolo Azevedo, chairman of Sonae

Last week we were delighted and grateful to receive Mr. Paulo Azevedo Chairman of SONAE and Dr. Nuno Ferrand Almeida of CIBIO, at our Faia Brava Reserve. Paolo Azevedo is the chairman of Sonae, a mult...

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ATNatureza accredited for Dutch Vocational Education an…

ATNatureza is accredited by the "Cooperation Organization for Vocational Education, Training and the Labor Market (SBB)"  to the list of Portuguese entities accredited to receive and accompany Du...

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ATNatureza in tv-series Europe’s New Wild

Watch this month at TV canal NatGeo Wild, the 6 episodes of the tv-series ‘Europe’s New Wild’ about Europa’s wild nature. In the second episode you will embark on a journey to the greater Coa Valley i...

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