New young Golden Eagle in the Faia Brava Reserve !!!

It is with happiness that we reveal that the couple of Golden Eagles of the Faia Brava Reserve has successfully nested and the young is growing healthy. We hope that  they can be seen flying over the Reserve in the summer.

Within the scope of the monitoring program for threatened cliff breaders  birds, it was observed that the couple of Golden Eagles that nest exactly on the rocky escarpment that gives the name to the reserve “Faia Brava” is creating. Technicians of ATNatureza identify and monitor the evolution of the nests to ensure their successful reproduction.

This news fills us with happiness as it is the result of the work done over the years to manage a habitat that is favorable for the existence and reproduction of endangered species.

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Let's learn more about the Golden Eagle:

Time for observation All year.
What they eat Its diet is generalist, including a wide variety of species of mammals (especially rabbits) and birds. It also consumes corpses, both of wild animals and domestic cattle.
Where they live During the winter they sleep near the nest, at night, on rocky ledges or on trees. Uses unoccupied nests during and outside the nesting season. The male sleeps in the nest near the female that is incubating, after the birth of the young, the female sleeps on a perch nearby.
How to identify It is practically unmistakable, just being difficult to distinguish it from the rarest imperial-Iberian eagle. The wings are large and wide and the tail proportionally long, with the head projected, exhibiting the pale hue of the nape, which can range from light brown to almost white gold.
Curiosity Although golden eagles often consume game species, in particular rabbits and hares (where they are more common), the fact that each couple has large territories (around 200 km2) and that they often capture other predators, in particular small and medium carnivores , means that its impact on those populations tends to be very low.

To learn more about this and other species, book your visit to Reserva Da Faia Brava now!

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