Volunteer Campaign - Fire Surveillance Faia Brava 2020

ATNatureza once again invites volunteers for the 2020 Faia Brava Fire Surveillance Campaign, from June 1st to September 15th.

 ATNatureza appeals to the solidarity conservationist spirit of everyone to help in the prevention of fires in the Faia Brava Reserve, an area that, since 2005, has not burned thanks to the efforts of many.

The Faia Brava Reserve and surrounding area represent the most important forest of Cork and Stone oak in the Guarda district and the reserve is a phenomenal biodiversity hot-spot in the Côa Valley. It´s protection is a priority and a great cause to embrace to make a difference, learn and have fun.

The Program  is limited to the detection and communication of occurrences of fire points in the Reserve of Faia Brava and surrounding areas. It allows you to enjoy the area and explore the Faia Brava Reserve!

REGISTER NOW! Help us to Prevent!

ATNatureza provides:

  • Accommodation;
  • Basic Food Kit (non-perishable goods);
  • Surveillance Kit

Take with you: 

  • Capacity to resist to high temperature
  • Hat and Suncream
  • Bathing Suits
  • Open mind;
  • Sleeping bag and towels;

Surveillance Shifts (each volunteer is assigned 1 daily shift according to the needs asessed by the coordination team):


  • 9h-13h
  • 13h-17h
  • 17h – 21h
  • 21h- 23h ( in critical period)

260487 P4K114 54


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