Recovered forest nursery - Support this action !!!

Do you remember the ATNatureza forest nursery that was destroyed as a result of the heavy storm, called Elsa that hit the Region on December 18th 2019?

Our team, with the help of a welding technician, was able to rebuild the forest nursery and put this structure back on its feet, so we are able to face the hot and dry weather season. The forest nursery is important to have young Oaks, Ash, Junipers and other native species, which will be planted in the Faia Brava Reserve next autumn. With reforestry we will increase the soil quality, promote biodiversity and contribute to the carbon fixation. 

It turns out that this additional expense costed € 500,- for the material and the hours of work involved. We would like to ask you as friend of ATNutereza  to help us with a donation of  € 20,-.

Bank account  IBAN: PT50 0007 0000 0016 5433 1132 3 (Reference: Nursery Support) 

Thank you for your contribution!

Foto do Viveiro Florestal    rebuild nursery

To accomplish our mission!

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