Result green fertilizer for biodiversity

Below you see the results (right picture) of a field sown with vetch, rye and lupine.  A year ago this field with a granite, depleted acidic soil (ph = 4), it looked like you see in the left picture. The ATN personnel was surprised to see the production with all these flowers.OK, we disseminated some chalk to increase a bit the PH or acidity. But normally the impact of chalk you see a bit later. 

Now it is time for horses (garranos), was said.

We hope that the organic matter % will increase substantially and the water harvested in the soil will also increase. The coming years we do nothing and we just monitor, monitor and monitor. We are curious if more indigenous plants with flowers and insects will appear. We hope this will push biodiversity. 

top plot in 2019

     top plot mei 2020

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