ATN starts experiments with waterboxes for reforestry

In the month of march 2020 ATN has started an experiment with 10 waterboxes, planting young trees of two years old. The waterbox is a dutch innovation from Groasis for planting trees in arid areas. Using the waterboxes, we hope that it won’t be necessary anymore to supply extra water for the young trees in the hot and dry summer. For ATN the manhour and car costs to bring water to the young trees is quite a burden. In the summer we will check once a week if there is still water in the small watercontainers inside the waterbox.

On the Groasis website you find much more information about the Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology, they claim, you get a +90% survival rate without using irrigation and it is also much cheaper than drip irrigation…..  

We also planted 10 young trees, and protected the soil with mulch. In the summer we will check each week if the soil is still a bit moisty.

In this way we can make a feasibility analysis of both reforestry methods and we can calculate which method is most attractive for Faia Brava.

waterbox3 2     mulch2


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