Huge rainfall in December 2019

The 18th of December the storm Elsa striked Portugal and Spain and the 19th the storm Fabian slammed again. At Faia Brava fell more than 100mm water in one week, with the result that the river Coa turned in a swirling river and little streams, dry in the summer, turned in wild flowing brooks. Still the long, dry period in our mind, it is weird to see so much water flowing to the ocean. All that water resulted in large ponds, which we had not seen for ages. This raised the question, can we store that water in an ecological or sustainable way? Can we prevent that water leaks quickly through the ‘walls’ of these ponds? The answer is to improve the retention capacity of these ponds, by using impermeable materials such as clay, better compaction and improving the shrub diversity that allows them to increase their structure.

But not all is good news, this storm has destroyed our tree nursery and so we have to join forces to set up this very important structure for the realization of ATNature's mission to continue reforesting the Faia Brava Reserve with native trees, an important measure for reducing the effect of Climate Change and improving soil structure in the Reserve.

new pond at quinta de sol

New pond at Quinta de Sol

wild brook

Wild brook at Sao Paulo

destroyed nursery

Destroyed tree nursery

wild brook near Sao Paulo

Wild brook in valley north of Sao Paulo

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