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 ATNatureza celebrates her 20th anniversary. 

We would very much like to celebrate it with you; with our members, friends, sponsors, managers of protected areas, biologists, guides, hikers and especially with all nature lovers. An event filled with activities will be organized in Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo and in our eye catching Faia Brava Reserve.

ATN will organize a Conference on the theme of “Protected Areas, Local Development and Climate Action” on 5th and 6th June. We aim to hold a joint reflection with public administration entities, associations and companies on the importance of Protected Areas in promoting responsible and participatory local development and the new challenges related to Climate Action.

We will organize guided visits with interpretation of the territory, censuses of biodiversity (birds, insects, reptiles), a night walk with astronomical observation and celebration in emblematic places with beautiful landscapes where the Wild Nature does not stop to wonder us!!!

The final program will be revealed soon, but reserve now in your agenda the weekend of June 5th to the 7th and join us in celebrate and discover the natural and cultural heritage of Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo and the work developed by ATNatureza over the past 20 years.



Our nature reserves such as Faia Brava, are special places and so we are looking for a special person to lead our ATNatureza organization and champion our reserves for current and future generations.

Are you creative, dynamic and driven by a passion for nature conservation and biodiversity and

have a vision for a world where people live in harmony with nature?

Nature parks and protected landscapes have never been more important for our Portugal. For 20 years the organization ATNatureza creates spaces for nature; we protect fragile habitats and species; provide wonderful landscapes for recreation. We conserve and improve the natural and cultural heritage of Northeast of Portugal; in the Côa, Águeda and Douro Valleys region.

Do you feel challenged to implement the new green deal with nature-based solutions and large scale nature recovery

to help tackle the current climate and biodiversity emergencies?

ATNatureza is seeking to recruit a proven, inspiring leader with the capability of growing an organization’s impact and building future leadership.


Click here, for more information about roles and responsibilities, profile, conditions and procedure. 

On February 29th, ATNatureza promoted testing of lead-free ammunition for hunting managers. Hunters and game  managers were sensitized about the negative consequences of the use of lead ammunition for necrophagous species (such as vultures) and in the quality of hunt meat, which is subsequently consumed.

Participants received information provided by an ammunition specialist, who explained the technical differences between conventional lead ammunition and alternative ammunition of the new generation, consisting of alternative metal alloys, free from that heavy metal. These ammunitions, in addition to being equally effective, or even superior, in terms of ballistic behaviour, have the advantage of not fragmenting when striking the hunting piece. “This is one of the fundamental differences between the two types of ammunition: lead ammunition fragment when it hits the target, and tests carried out in a controlled environment have shown that, on average, lead projectiles lose about 23% of their weight after the collision, while the new generation ammunition remains intact ”, said Dr. Rui Pereira (CACICAMBRA), who collaborated on this experience. "It is also a way of promoting the full use of meat, since there is no contamination of the meat with this type of projectiles, instead of what occurs with lead".

Workshop    shoot with new ammunition


ATN feels addressed to promote reforestry activities, aligned with the international priorities formulated by IPCC and the new green deal from the EU. Trees play a key role in the so-called mosaic landscape, as they create micro climates and habitats facilitating an increase of biodiversity. We would like to contribute significantly in CO2 sequestration and offer services to companies to compensate their CO2 production.

Last years our reforestry activities were not so successful. The coming years we will develop a new reforestry approach with support from the Prins Bernard fund. End of January, forestry expert Ronald Buiting visited ATN to share his ideas about reforestry in our semi-arid region. A new concept will be implemented, taking into account the long dry summer, the poor granite acid soil and protection against damage by wild boars and other herbivores. ronald visit

Ronald Buiting will monitor the progress of our activities and in autumn he will pay a next visit to supervise the planting activities, the compost pile and our nursery.

The workshop to guide visits in Faia Brava Reserve was held on 29 February and 1 March. This workshop aimed to train people interested in guiding pedestrian visits to the Faia Brava Reserve on the biologists' trail. This workshop covered topics related to the history of ATNatureza and Faia Brava Reserve, the importance in terms of conservation, emblematic species and good practices for receiving and accompanying visitors. The group of 12 participants plus the Trainer-Guide Marco Ferraz over two days developed skills to improve their activity as Nature Guides, and in the end everyone was able to develop their activity on the biologists trail in the Faia Brava Reserve.

This workshop is part of the training program that the ATNatureza Academy, which throughout the year will develop training activities with a special focus on Natural Sciences and Management of Biodiversity areas, to train Nature Guides as well as Land Owners, Managers of Natural Spaces, Biologists, Students and other interested parties.

The next activity will be held on March 21st “Pasture Management Workshop” for Biodiversity - This workshop aims to show how sustainable management of pastures and herbivores can promote biodiversity and promote quality pastures. Register now via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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