ATNatureza is hiring a new executive coordinator! 

Functions / Responsibilities

1) Management and governance of the organization - the coordinator will carry out all actions related to the operational management of the organization, fulfilling the multi-annual strategic program of the Directing Council of ATNatureza. These tasks include the planning of activities, their execution, and permanent monitoring, supervision of the team, preparation of execution reports and articulation with the Board. The Coordinator will be responsible for preparing each annual activity plan and final report.

2) Administrative and financial management - The Coordinator will oversee all administrative and financial matters, based on the approved annual plan and budget. It will monitor the budget execution of the association through the cash flow assessment/execution tool, coordinating the accounting, informing and supporting the Management in administrative and financial decisions. It will define and implement the measurement and control systems that will allow the monitoring of the key objectives, reporting, and corrective action when necessary.

3) Fundraising and Sustainability - The Coordinator will promote the necessary contacts and initiatives to raise funds, namely: donations and donations, services, subsidies, sales, payment of quotas.

4) Operational Management of the Faia Brava and EPNs project - The Coordinator will be responsible for the operational management of the Spaces for Nature, through the implementation of the management plans of each area.

5) Nature Conservation Projects - With the support of the Direction, the Coordinator will support the project department in the design and execution of the same.

6) Human Resources - The Coordinator will be responsible for the management of the ATNatureza team, overseeing and supporting the execution of their work schedules, promoting technical and professional training, ensuring an annual performance evaluation model. It should accompany the work teams to verify that they are meeting the defined objectives.

7) Communication and public relations - The Coordinator will ensure representation of the organization and ensure that the Faia Brava and EPNs mission and project are presented to partners, society and key stakeholders.

8) Strategic planning - The Coordinator will prepare in 2019 the strategic management plan for Faia Brava and EPNs for 2020-2030.


We look for someone with the following characteristics:

- Taste for nature conservation: we are looking for someone energetic, positive and inspiring who has passion or taste for the theme of nature conservation and protection of the environment, with the ability to find solutions to nature conservation.

- Technical training: have an academic degree, preferably in the area of Ecology Biology / Natural Resources / Forest / Environment.

- Professional experience: have sufficient knowledge, affinity, and experience on the subject of nature conservation, management of rural/natural spaces, management of organizations and human resources management.

- Knowledge of financial management: have theoretical-practical knowledge of administrative and financial management.

- Written communication: have to taste, capacity and ease of written communication, namely writing, letters, reports, and projects.

- Public relations: have the ability, ability, and ability to communicate in writing and orally, namely capacity to represent the Organization, contact national and international people and entities, promote projects and conduct meetings.

- Language skills: speak and write fluently in Portuguese and English.

Job Conditions

- Full-time position
- 2-year contract
- Base salary (gross): 1500 - 1700 Euros/month, depending on experience and CV.
- Loval of work - headquarters of ATNatureza - Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo (district of Guarda)


Send your application in Portuguese, English, or Spanish, by e-mail, with a short presentation (maximum 1 page) with CV.

The application must be sent to the care of Silvia Lorga (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) by February 15. compress image

On January 19th, Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo received, for the first time, the visit of the Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa, who was accompanied by Luís Capoulas, minister for agriculture.

This moment took place in the Cooperative Winery of Castelo Rodrigo, to mark the beginning of Wine Conferences, where the governors undraw a commemorative plaque for the occasion, followed by a visit to the premises, in which a small exhibition fair of local producers was present.

Taking part in this fair was ATNatureza, represented by the president and the technical director, who had the opportunity to exchange some impressions with the governors.

ATNatureza wants to thanks the invitation and opportunity.

visita primeiro ministro a adega