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Being a member of ATNatureza is joining a family with more than 700 members in which the conservationist spirit and nature lover stands out.

By becoming a member of ATNatureza, for the € 20,- annual member fee, you are supporting the development of conservation measures and ecological restoration of the natural heritage, through the implementation of the various projects in which the association is involved, and the Acquisition of Properties, 'Creating Spaces for Nature'.

In addition, you are entitled to enjoy the following exclusive advantages:

  • Exclusive Camping at the Faia Brava Reserve;
  • Privileged information;
  • Discounts in/free events;
  • Exclusive activities;

With the support of the members, we have  formed the Faia Brava Reserve, the first and only Private Protected Area in Portugal, currently with 850ha; we created five more Nature Spaces (EPNs) and in total we have managed around 1500ha, making ATNatureza one of the largest landowners in central Portugal.

At this time, when we have reached the 18 years of existence, we also want to give a new impetus to ATNatureza, to convey this will to those who support our mission.


Support this cause. Become a Member of ATNatureza ... Become a 'member of Nature'!

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