Founded in 2000, the Transhumance and Nature Association (ATNatureza) is a non-profit, non-governmental environmental organization based in Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo, whose vision is to Create Spaces for Nature (EPN's).

Initially dedicated to the protection of rupicolous (living among, inhabiting, or growing on rocks) bird species that nest in the Arribas do Côa (such as the British and Bonelli's eagles), ATNatureza has a regional scope in the protection of the region's natural heritage through restoration and ecological development.

Owning more than 1600 ha among the various Nature Spaces or EPN's, ATNatureza's management includes the Faia Brava Reserve, the first and only private protected area in Portugal, located within the SPA (Special Protection Zone). Côa Valley (part of the Natura 2000 network) and the Côa Valley Archaeological Park (UNESCO World Heritage Site).

Like the Faia Brava Reserve, the strategy expands regionally with the Ribeira do Mosteiro, Arribas da Mata, Middle Côa and Arribas de Fornos EPNs, whose natural values ​​are important to preserve. In these areas various conservation actions of the projects are implemented in which the ATNatureza is a partner, such as LIFE “Rupis” and LIFE “Club of Fincas for the Conservation of the Iberian West” and the Rewilding Europe initiative.

ATNatureza promotes actions among the community, such as scientific workshops, environmental education sessions, thematic conferences, among others, to promote the protection and knowledge about Nature.


Innovative new “Impulse for Reforestation in Reserva Fa…

In November we planted trees in 4 small plots (0,25ha) with state-of-the-art materials and techniques. We hope to establish biodiverse groves of trees that rapidly become living seed banks, also aimin...

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The importance of Micro-mammels in the Rewilding proces…

A team from the University of Aveiro was recently at Faia Brava doing fieldwork related with the project rWILD-COA "Ecological challenges and opportunities in the process of rewilding the Côa Valley...

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Visit Paolo Azevedo, chairman of Sonae

Last week we were delighted and grateful to receive Mr. Paulo Azevedo Chairman of SONAE and Dr. Nuno Ferrand Almeida of CIBIO, at our Faia Brava Reserve. Paolo Azevedo is the chairman of Sonae, a mult...

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